Escalator Up and Elevator Down

Michael Orecchio |

Escalator Up and Elevator Down – that’s what investing in the stock market can feel like.
It’s March Madness season, indeed.  While many public events are currently suspended and “social distancing” protocols are put in place, the stock market remains one of the most unpredictable current events.
We believe these market conditions present a great opportunity to review your financial goals and confirm if you are still likely to pursue them.
Many investors are seeking out a Risk Assessment of their investment strategy in hopes of mitigating volatility in their portfolios.
Your advisor is here during the good times, and the bad.  You may just need someone to talk to.  Someone to Cut through the Noise.
Key Takeaways:

  • Now is a great opportunity to review your portfolio’s risk level
  • Review and evaluate your financial goals
  • Your advisors at NFG are not social distancing themselves from you- give them a call

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With a wee bit of the Luck o’ the Irish, we may start seeing more GREEN in our portfolios!

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