Principles That Guide Our Business

At Northbridge Financial Group, we view each client as someone who has placed his/her trust and confidence in us to help them achieve the most important goals in life. Among these goals are retirement, protecting loved ones from the financial devastation of premature death and disability, college education, and many more.

We take this awesome responsibility very seriously.

Hence, we work diligently every day to couple our vast experience with innovative techniques to meet our clients’ high expectations. This commitment begins with the formation of a strategy derived from a very unique and highly-functional financial planning process. We determine the appropriate asset protection strategies for each client, developed with our outside strategic partners, and implement those strategies within our financial plans.

We view these high quality, personalized financial plans as the genesis of long-term relationships with our clients. Equally important is our unyielding dedication to a disciplined review system to keep the plans relevant, thus maintaining the trust and confidence in us that our clients so richly deserve.