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We listen as you tell us what matters most to you. You’ll learn more about us and how we work with clients, so we can both determine if our team is a good fit for your needs.

Discovery | Northbridge Financial Group



We discuss all aspects of your current financial situation—from how assets are titled, to your retirement aspirations. We learn about your goals and objectives, identify potential problems, and point out areas of opportunity.

Draft | Northbridge Financial Group



We confirm that the direction of our planning is aligned with your goals and objectives before presenting our recommendations. We work closely with outside strategic partners (attorney, CPA, etc.) to develop your plan.

Presentation | Northbridge Financial Group



We present our analysis and recommendations, along with a plan of action for implementation.

Implementation | Northbridge Financial Group



Implementation is the process that turns strategies and plans into actions to accomplish your goals and objectives. Implementing your plan is the most important step in the planning process.

Adjustments | Northbridge Financial Group



We routinely monitor your plan and schedule regular reviews to make sure it’s in line with your goals and accounts for changes in your life or changes in relevant legislation.




Overview of The Financial Planning Software We Use.



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Client Overview | Northbridge Financial Group
Client Overview
Client Vault | Northbridge Financial Group
Client Vault

We’ve partnered with eMoney,
a leading wealth management and financial planning software.

The client portal is a welcoming, detail-rich and interactive asset, which displays all wealth-management-relevant information, like net worth, investments, insurance, budgets and spending in a way that delivers maximal transparency, while minimizing navigation-difficulty. Also, the client portal facilitates the aggregation of assets and accounts we don’t manage, which help us get a clearer picture of your financial life. 



Goal Planner | Northbridge Financial Group
Goal Planner
Distribution Center | Northbridge Financial Group
Distribution Center
Decision Center | Northbridge Financial Group
Decision Center
  • Goal-Planner, for conventional retirement and education planning

  • Decision Center, for cash flow-centric planning.

  • Distribution Center, for estate planning.

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